Fly works regularly in new play development, experimental devising, as well as classical dramaturgy.

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Fly works as a freelance dramaturg for a handful of select playwrights and greatly enjoys the platonic romance of a fruitful playwright/dramaturg relationship, supporting developing work using an active, holistic, playwright-centered approach.

In their dramaturgy practice for productions and education programs, Fly incorporates specialized research, custom content and curriculum generation, community engagement, and other creative consulting work tailored to the needs of specific audiences and project objectives.

Work & Writing Samples

Fly generates both conventional and experimental materials such as art installations and interactive exhibits.

For examples of my New Media Writing and Design, visit timewhatday.com
For examples of my website design, check out the rest of flyjamerson.com and timewhatday.com

I often work freelance as a production dramaturg, and the program note is the most visible part of my work in this role. Here is a folio of program notes written between 2017-2019. Each short note is the result of deep analysis and research on the piece, the performing company, the production team, the organization, and their intended audience – and then synthesizing all of this information into a brief contextualizing thought to offer the moment before the world of the play cracks open each night.

Production Dramaturgy Packets:
Dramaturgy for Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl for Scoundrel & Scamp, Tucson 2018
Dramaturgy for Endgame by Samuel Beckett, Arizona Repertory Theatre, 2017
Dramaturgy for Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus, 2017

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