As a dramaturg, Fly specializes in the conception, construction, and consumption of narrative and non-narrative experiences with an interest in new work development and devising, as well as in the classical play and heightened text.

Fly is passionate about dramaturgy-driven season selection, community outreach, audience engagement and discussion, and educational program and curriculum development, both in academic and arts-based institutions.

Fly has extensive experience in generating conventional production dramaturgy materials, as well as experimental dramaturgy such as art installations and interactive activities and counter-texts to engage with and enrich the experience of the audience and the creative team.

Fly studied Affective Devising and the Moment Work devising technique developed by Tectonic Theatre Project with Professor Greg Pierotti at The University of Arizona.

Recent Projects:

Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, directed by Anna Jennings with TwoEighteen, for the Tucson Fringe Festival (2019) (Photos by Jeffrey Snyder).

  • Love and Information has 60+ scenes can be performed in any order, with any number and kinds of bodies, with no delineated distribution of text or character. My role in this process, beyond conventional dramaturgical research, is creating and utilizing permutative narrative/spatial sequencing tools, troubleshooting legibility of narrative simultaneity for the audience, assessing/disrupting potential perceived meaning based on scenic sequencing and text assignment, and creating and designing interactive and digital performance spaces for select scenes in the play.

“Dear Eurydice” – Installation for Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Claire Mannle for Scoundrel and Scamp Theatre, Tuscon, AZ (2018)

  • As a part of my dramaturgy for Eurydice, I created an immersive installation in the theater entrance, extending visual design elements into the lobby and using these elements (such as string and letters) to illustrate my research around/within the play. A manifestation of the many letters Orpheus sent through the underworld to Eurydice, audience members were encouraged to write a letter to a loved one who had passed – these letters were collected and hung in the installation over the course of the run of the show. The installation and the letters will find a permanent home in the form of an Artists’ Book.

For a more detailed overview of Fly’s production dramaturgy work, see their full CV.

For an example of traditional dramaturgy materials compiled for productions, explore below:

Dramaturgy for Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl for Scoundrel and Scamp, Tucson, 2018

Dramaturgy for Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Greg Pierotti, 2017

Dramaturgy for Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound, Final Project for “Dramaturgy and the Classical Play” with Dr. Jessica Maerz, University of Arizona, 2017

For program note samples, click here.

(featured at top – “A Mathematician’s Apology” – installation for PROOF, Arizona Repertory Theatre, 2017, Director Hank Stratton)